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Approximately 9 AM. Sunny with clear sky.

Lee was on his own driving his works van through part of the TATA steelworks in Port Talbot, towards the Harsco site (south-east of the deep-water harbour in the steelworks), when he saw what he thought was a small plane gliding slowly from the direction of the sea to the west, and over the Harsco site. There was no sound or vapour trail.

"The shape of the object was similar to a small plane but the tail was either not attached of mis-shapen compared to the tail of a standard aircraft."

As he got closer he thought it was a large drone until it banked to the right slowly then shot off faster than anything he'd ever seen before, in the direction of Kenfig in the south-east and over the Bristol Channel to the south. It disappeared in about two seconds.

"As it disappeared into the horizon I could just see a bright light moving across the sky and it disappeared from view in literally 2 seconds."

After seeing it he pulled over to take stock and noticed two work colleagues further away, looking up at the sky. Lee phoned one of them who said they had both seen the same but from their viewpoint there had been two flying objects.

Source: SUFON Files: Witness submission on website December 2020.

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