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Sighting,UFO,Cigar shape

Exact date in 1979 not known - ignore '30/11' in date panel.

Shape of Object: Long, Thin like a metal bar. Possibly cylindrical.

Colour: Unknown but 'Flashed White' multiple times.

Other: Made no noise, incredible aerial manoeuvres.

My mother talked to me about a sighting that she witnessed in Trecenydd, Caerphilly late 1979. She recalls seeing a flat metal bar shaped object that was hovering in the sky.

She described seeing the object for a couple of minutes that had a white flashing light, much like a camera.

It was about 9pm, she saw the object performing aerial manoeuvres that had it going up and down and around the sky in a way that would not be possible for modern aircraft at that time, possibly not even today.

The object made no noise which was something she also noticed during her observations.

After a couple of minutes the object seemed to have disappeared from sight, one minute it appeared to be there, then the next it was gone. She recalls this sighting very well as she was just recently a mother with her 2nd child who was still a newborn baby at this time.

My mother does recall an incident being reported on the TTFN RADIO SHOW sometime later describing something similar to what she had witnessed.

This person was most likely a teenager who lived in the Yorkshire area of the UK.

Source: needs verifying

Location on map is approximate.

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