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11.20PM - 11.38PM. Clear sky.

Marie Maunder lived on Gwent Road, Townhill which has extensive views to the west, north and east. She had just gone outside to let her dogs go out to the toilet when she noticed something in the sky between Cockett & Waurnarlwydd. to the west. The object was moving towards her and pretty low down (500 - 100 ft)

A neighbour called Steve had just come out of his house as well (he was going to pick up his partner), so Marie called him to have a look.

Both of them witnessed a large craft moving slowly in a south-easterly direction. It had two bright white lights in the front (with a flashing light in middle), was low flying with no noise. As it moved it turned at a right angle instantly (to a more westerly direction) and started to move slowly away from the witnesses. A series of white flashing lights were seen along the front and sides (two main front lights remained on with no flashing).

Both witnesses said it was huge in size with no sound.

Steve said, 'It was massive. I've seen planes (and been on them) and it was far bigger than an airliner and really low down. It was certainly not a plane or helicopter.

There wasn't any navigation or strobe lights like all planes at night.' Steve likened the shape to an arrow head. Both were quite surprised at what they saw.

SUFON's Mike Maunder (Marie's husband) was fast asleep in bed so missed it all. He was only told the morning after.

Marie's drawing and brief account (which was taken as soon as she came inside) is shown below. Flightradar24 was checked and there were no planes in the vicinity, for around half an hour.

Source: SUFON Files: report from Marie Maunder 6 July 2018.

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