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UFOS SEEN OVER SWANSEA UNIVERSITY - 30 APRIL 2017 3.54 AM. Excellent visibility, wind from the east: 30-45 mph.

Liam Williams was with two friends doing some night fishing at the lake in Singleton Park, Swansea, near the Pub on the Pond. Liam said they were having a few beers and talking when he decided to look outside of the bivvy (fishing tent).

He saw four white lights in the sky to the north-east at a 40-45 degree elevation, in the direction of the university buildings, and about a mile or two away. When he first saw them they were in a square formation moving to the right and upwards diagonally. As soon as he saw them, he screamed to his friends to 'shut up' at which point they became silent and he listened.

There was no sound, and about 5 seconds after he had first seen the lights they broke formation. Three of the lights (the top left, top right and bottom right) started circling around the bottom left one whilst still moving in the same direction then 10 seconds after first sighting them they all completely broke formation and started crossing in front of each other and moving erratically before shooting directly upwards from an elevation of about 50 - 60 degrees.

There had been no flickering or flashing lights visible at the time the lights were in view, just the steady white lights. Liam then started walking towards the university to see if he could see them again or even see anything that could have caused it, such as a drone.

He found that there was nobody around nearby. Total duration of the sighting: 14 seconds. Photo: looking east - the lake can be seen bottom right.

Source: SUFON Files: witness message via Facebook 30 April 2017.

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