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Exact date in winter not known - ignore date in date panel.

About 8 PM. Dark, dry wintery night.

Roger Harris was at his small-holding in Pen isa'r waun, near Llanrug, Caernarfon. He went out to clean out the horses and was pushing a wheelbarrow filled with manure past a row of stables on the way to tip it at the manure heap. As he got to the end of the stables, suddenly, everything lit up like day. The whole area was awash with white light. His immediate thought was a helicopter and he looked up to find it. As he did so, in a split second, the light went out and everything went black again.

Looking straight up, he saw an object, roughly 200 - 500 ft in altitude, shaped like a "square block of flats" - 3D and tall, not horizontal - and as big as the Lysaght Institute in Newport where he was as he related the tale to Emlyn Williams.

However his view of the object was very brief - about a second. It just went off. He thought it might have shot off to the south but it was so quick he wasn't sure.

The following day on the radio, they were asking if anyone had seen anything.

Source: SUFON Files: Roger Harris interviewed by Emlyn Williams at Newport UFO & Paranormal Conference 9 June 2019.

Location on map is approximate.

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