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Triangle over Snowdonia

Glyn Rhonwy quarry, Llanberis


Sometime in 1950

Just like to share an incident my Father told me about which he witnessed around 1950. Dad was serving in the Air Ministry Constabulary guarding an ammunition dump in the mountains of Snowdonia in North Wales ( Glyn Rhonwy quarry, Llanberis. The RAF used it to store bombs and ammunition) . He was on post alone in the guard room at the main gate around 2 am and set off for a patrol.

He stated he was walking around the perimeter And looked up and saw a large black triangle passing over his head which made no sound.

It moves slowly and disappeared over the mountains. He kept it quiet fearing ridicule as many did in those days. UFO wasn’t a common name used then for these sort of sightings. When people talk about sightings being the stealth bomber….. back then they probably weren’t even thought off!

Glyn Rhonwy Bomb Store Article

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