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I saw something a bit odd over the bay earlier, between 23.00 -23.10. I live at the top of Mount Pleasant so have a very good view of the bay. I was about to hang up the phone, the base of which is on my windowsill, when I spotted a strobing, very slow moving light coming from the direction of Mumbles, which moved in a low, wide arc over the bay, towards the shore, making no noise whatsoever - I flung my windows open wide to listen for aircraft noise.

It seemed to fly over all the boats in the bay as if checking them out. It would occasionally hover very briefly, and when moving off, would make a sudden jerking motion, before settling into its very slow, stately arc across the bay again. It kept this up for 10 minutes or so, heading in an arc towards the Somerset coast before vanishing. I don't know if it blinked out or just faded due to distance.

There were no white or green navigation lights on this object, it wasn't a Chinese lantern, as the light was strobing rather than flickering, and also, it was a cherry red colour, like the LED indicator on a TV or hi-fi on standby. It wasn't a plane, as it hovered a few times, and should have been near enough, on its closest approach, to be audible, if it was a helicopter.

Did you see any red and green flashing lights on it which would be the standard compulsory navigation lights

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