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Shortly after 8 PM in Llanerchymedd, Anglesey, several villagers including a man hunting rabbits watched a bright white light descend slowly behind a new housing estate.

Other independent witnesses saw a large silvery sphere above a field, and watched the cows panic and neighbourhood dogs start barking furiously. A woman and her young daughter looked out and saw three tall men in grey uniforms with caps or helmets attached to their suits walk across a field. She ran to the village to find some other witnesses.

Source: citing Richard Hall, 'The UFO Evidence' Vol. 2: 'A Thirty Year Report' pages 281-491; David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid reports, case A1961; Robert Gribble, MUFON UFO Journal, issue 245.

9.15 PM

David Mark Hesketh (aged 11), was playing football with others next to fields at the rear of the Maes Athen Estate [this is a small development, the street is called Church Street in the south-eastern quarter of the village - E.W.]. One of the boys suddenly shouted that a helicopter was landing in one of the fields. As David went for a closer look, he could see that the object was unlike any helicopter he had ever seen.

It was bullet-shaped, coloured white all over, but had a red glow around its edges: a band of red light appeared to go across the object. At the same time, Carmen Burford (aged 12) was babysitting at a flat on the estate and spotted what would be the same object though she described it as being cigar-shaped. In the meantime, some of the boys had run to the estate and told a Mrs Owen and Mrs Parry what was happening. Mrs Owen went inside her house to go upstairs and get a better look at the object.

Mrs Parry went to the field to see for herself. When she reached there, she saw a spinning white light she thought was a helicopter coming in to land at RAF Valley. She went to tell her husband and then returned to the field. As she approached, the boys started to shout that the object was going to land, but although she ran the last few yards, she failed to get a glimpse of the object as it went behind some trees. She then went back indoors.

David Mark Hesketh then noticed that some horses two fields away were running riot and saw two quite tall men, 6 feet or more in height. One seemed to be waving his arms about above his shoulders. Meanwhile Mrs Owen had reached her bedroom and claimed to have seen three men in the same field, each dressed in a one piece suit with a hood covering their heads. She shouted to the boys to get the police and David (Mark) ran to do so. In the confusion, no one noticed what finally happened to the strange-looking men.

Source: BUFORA Journal Vol. 8 No. 1 Jan/Feb 1979.

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