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Possibly November. Late afternoon - "tea-time". Weather: calm and still.

Rosalind, aged 10 of Penarth was with her mother and younger sister on an evening in 1968. They were walking the two miles to visit her grandfather who had recently become a widower in February 1968, and who lived in Plassey Street, Penarth.

They had crossed the railway line, using the footbridge near Dingle Halt and were about to cross Windsor Road. They looked right and left at the main road which was devoid of traffic, when suddenly they saw a silver sphere - shooting over roofs of the house just above the roofs. About the size of a lamp post light (about 2 feet across), it came over the houses behind them on their right and crossed Windsor Road from right to left (south-west to north-east). It disappeared behind the houses on their left as they looked up the road - heading north-east in the direction of Cardiff.

They continued to visit the grandfather, but they didn't stay long as her mother was nervous about the return walk being too late in the evening and in the dark. They had walked down the lane known locally as the 'Dairy Lane' leading to Windsor Road and were about to cross the road again.

It was now dusk and completely silent, no traffic. Suddenly they spotted up the road to their left, a round silver object coming towards them at eye level along the road, about 50 metres away. It appeared to be glowing and was the size of a traffic light lens. They were rooted to the spot as it seemed to be getting faster as it came towards them but suddenly it shot to the left (their left) between houses and Harbour View Road.

The mother dragged the children across the road, and had a tight grip on their hands but suddenly, when looking right, down the hill, a large orange spherical object appeared - probably the same object, but now orange-red, and which must have done a u-turn after it had disappeared between the houses.

It seemed to be glowing hot and pulsating as it shot over the road at lamp post height from over the roofs of the houses from the right. It appeared to have objects stuck to it - "almost as if it was magnetic", Ros explained. It was slightly higher than the lamp post just a few yards away from them, and it stayed hovering as if looking at the witnesses.

There was a low humming sound coming from it and it was "pulsating like burning coal in a fire". Rosalind was absolutely fascinated and a bit scared but her mother was terrified, and the young sister just stared.

Suddenly it started moving down slowly, as if controlled, behind the trees at the side of the road and down into "the Dell", a small area of parkland behind the railings on the west side of Windsor Road, and at a lower level.

"All of the trees lit up glowing red and mum says she thought everything would go on fire. I got dragged up over the railway bridge by mum although I tried to get away to look down into the dell. We got home safely but will never forget it."

Source: SUFON Files: Ros Sparkes sent report by email 8 May 2016 and was interviewed on site by Emlyn Williams and Steve Drewson 25 May 2016.

where it stayed hovering as if

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