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Exact date in October not known - ignore date in panel.

Approximately 3 AM. Cloudy sky with breaks.

Geoff Simpson was doing a spot of sea fishing on the island at Mumbles Head at low tide. He said he saw a large triangular-shaped craft hovering above him at about 1000 feet altitude.

"...looked around the size of a UK football ground in length. It was there for around 3 minutes in an eerie silence, and then just went up vertically until I lost sight of the craft. "

He added that there were no lights on the craft, and despite there being no moon and very dark could see it clearly.

"It sort of just made me look up, and I could see it plain as day! Although that night on my own I wasn't frightened by what I saw, more frightened by a fox that crept up on me trying to steal my bait."

Source: Facebook: UFO Sightings in Wales, England and Scotland - posted 18 September 2020.

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