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Exact date in October 1981 not known - ignore '01' in date panel.

7.45 PM - night-time.

The witness, an 11-year-old boy, was with a group of adults and children in Risca and reported seeing two huge light-orange-coloured glowing balls moving down very quickly out of the sky in the direction of Rogerstone power station, about 2.5 miles distant to the south-east.

The power station was a very visible landmark in the valley and was not difficult to see. There was no sound heard from the objects as they descended, one slightly ahead of the other. They hit the large cooling towers of the power station and the witnesses reportedly watched this for about ten minutes.

Witness: "...both objects sort of bounced off the side of the two large towers one after the other - there was no crash noise or any noise coming from the objects - then the objects shot up in the sky..... i can remember the shock reaction from the people that saw what happened."

The coal-fired Rogerstone power station was demolished in 1991.

Illustration courtesy of the witness.

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