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Exact date in November not known - ignore 1st in date panel.

Time of day not known but assuming it's dark.

A couple, Becky and Nicky (Nicholas?) were driving on the Esclusham Mountain road to the north of Llangollen, known as Panorama Walk. They were parked near Panorama when they saw a white light heading towards them, which grew bigger with a red and green lights around it. Becky said she could then see its shape as like a 'pod' with two side wings. It then changed again into a blue and red triangle. She said it changed three times.

It hovered above them for about ten seconds and she opened the car door. There was no sound and no wind despite it being so close to them.

She does not say how the sighting ended.

Source: reported by witness: 22 November 2011.

Location on map is approximate.

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