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Bernard and Jill Simons, of Odo Street, Hafod, Swansea, watched several objects for over an hour. Their attention was drawn to it by their children, and they reported it as being a “mysterious object that appeared to be hovering over the Caereithin area of Swansea, changing colour from blue to green then green to red.”

The Simons were determined to keep an eye on the changing light believed to be emanating from the object, which was still there an hour later, and lying slightly lower over the horizon. Watching for another ten minutes, the light was then joined by a further series which approached from an opposite direction making eight in all.

The second series seemed to stop and begin to divide, moving in various directions at “unimaginable speed”. Bernard Simons: “We’ve got nothing that moves that fast.”

The lights then came back together and were joined by a third source, he observed, while the second and third lights moved gradually away and vanished. Then the original light followed and disappeared.

There was no sound noticed.

Shortly afterwards, what was thought to be the same phenomenon was sighted in Dunvant and nearby areas, then over Bishopston, Gower.

Source: Herald of Wales 11 November 1978.

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