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Date is approximate - 19th May was a Thursday.

About 5 AM.

On a Thursday morning in the middle of May 1977, the 17-year-old girl living in Milton Crescent [corrected from 'Moulton' in source], Milford Haven, who had seen a small humanoid on her window sill a few days previously had another encounter.

Again, she was in her bedroom. She woke up to see light coming in through the side window. She went to the window and saw a craft hovering motionless near her sister's bedroom, near the garden gate, hovering at roof level.

This time the spaceship was smaller and had what appeared to be portholes, but it still had the same green beam around it.

She explained: 'The bottom was round and it had a sort of glass compartment over it. It had stationed itself near my father's car out there in the street.... a figure came out of this machine and it was just walking in mid-air - there was nothing attached to it. It had an oval-shaped face, long brownish hair - a very dark colour - slanted eyebrows, normal eyes."

It was the same type of figure seen on her window sill previously.

"The figure kept on walking forward and walking back." It did not turn, but literally walked backwards. It returned to the craft, got in and the craft went off.

Source: 'The Dyfed Enigma' Randall Jones-Pugh & F. W. Holiday 1979 pages 62-64.

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