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Around midnight. Kim was returning home in Three Crosses after a night out with friends in Swansea and was driving her car up Tirmynydd Road, heading north into Three Crosses across the northern edge of Fairwood Common. She was just passing Gelli Hir Farm, which was on her left, and spotted some lights away from the road on the right, on an area of rough ground.

She thought it was the farmer, who she was friends with, working with some kind of machinery, so she stopped the car near the lane on the left which heads down to the farm, and got out of the car. She crossed to the right-hand side of the road for a better look and walked onto the common.

She could see lots of white lights close to the ground, with thin beams pointing down onto the ground. The beams were easy to see as the lights were shining through a mist. Whatever the object was that the lights were on, was moving slowly back and fore over the ground, and as she approached, it rose vertically without making a sound to about the height of a house.

It was then that she realised that what she was looking at was not a farm machine at all, but something else entirely.

She was now able to see it from below, and the bottom surface was covered in tiny white lights like stars, matching the stars in the sky. It was only because it was turning slowly that she could make it out at all. It was of an irregular shape, not square but had angular sides. It had a row of white lights visible on one edge. She could not see how deep or tall the object was, but she didn’t hang around to study it in detail.

She turned to walk back to the car as a feeling of uneasiness came over her. She walked quickly back, without turning around to look at the object. She got in her car and drove the rest of the way home, a short way up to the top of Tirmynydd Road, near the Poundffald Inn. She looked in her mirrors but could not see the object. When she got home, she went straight to bed.

The next morning she mentioned it to her husband, who had returned from his night shift, who told her not to tell anyone in case she was ridiculed. She told her mother and brother about it but did not report it to the authorities.

Two or three weeks later, her mother phoned her to say there had been a sighting of objects by a kids football team and there was a drawing of it in the Evening Post.

This would be the article reporting the sightings of 19th January 1983. So this helps to date her sighting in Three Crosses.

Her mother and brother themselves had a sighting in 1985 in Port Tennant (see separate report).

Source: SUFON Files: witness interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 29 January 2016.

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