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Date is approximate. Witness reckons it was June 2008.

About 1 AM. Clear night.

Louis Love had been night fishing for bass on Rhossili beach and had returned to his Renault Scenic car in the National Trust car park in the village. He put his seat back and looked at the stars through the double sun roof. He suddenly saw a bright white light go directly over him, heading south to north towards the Burry Holms end of the bay.

"I could tell straight away it was strange then it split into two lights and carried on going then they both just disappeared to no where as if the lights was just turned off. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was in shock for about 15 minutes."

As he lay back down, again looking up at the stars and wondering what the lights had been, a light approached again from the north end of the bay towards him. It then split into two separate lights again, flying next to each other. Louis jumped out of the car and watched them as they joined together as one light again and shot straight upwards.

"I'll never forget it. It shook me up. 100% wasn't any new military testing or anything like that. This thing shot upwards within half a second. The way it split into two then back to one was unbelievable and the way it shot upwards was unreal. It was a bright white light and I remember them looking like neat circles. I think that's what seemed strange at first. The first time it went over it was visible for about 10 seconds then the lights just went. The second time it came over I must have been watching for about 20 seconds but this time it shot upwards with the lights still on. Within a second it had gone, like nothing a human could ever make. It went upwards faster than a shooting star coming down."

Source: SUFON Files: witness report by Facebook and interview by Emlyn Williams September 2020.

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