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1 AM.

Tyrone Davies was an officer of the MOD Police Force at the Proof and Experimental Establishment at Pendine, and lived with his wife in the police house at Woodend Estate. This Saturday night it was hot and he was unable to sleep so he decided to get out of bed and get some fresh air. He looked out of his bedroom window and saw multi-coloured flickering lights coming from some kind of craft hovering above sea level in Carmarthen Bay.

His initial thoughts were that the lights came from a search and rescue helicopter carrying out a sea rescue in the bay. Being a police officer he was curious as to what was happening and he continued to watch.

"Then there was a sudden movement, the craft in question with lights still flickering started moving slowly above sea level across Carmarthen Bay before finally coming to a stop above Laugharne estuary [Taf Estuary]. This journey took approximately 25 minutes to complete. I observed these lights for approximately 20 more minutes. Then suddenly the craft lit up (like someone in the dark switching on a powerful torch). This light took off at great speed, climbing upwards into space, leaving a tail of light in its wake. The journey to space took only a few seconds before disappearing from view."

The following day Tyrone made some enquiries with negative results.

Source: SUFON Files: witness correspondence 2018.

Location on map is position of craft when first viewed, from map supplied by witness.

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