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10.30 PM. Dark, stormy night.

Abrielle Jones was driving her elderly friend Vikki home from attending a psychic meeting. It was around 10.30 pm when, just outside the village of Felindre, north of Swansea, on a steep bend the car suddenly went dead. The engine and all the lights failed. After a few minutes the car started and the lights came back on. As they drove home over the mountain they noticed a single light in the distance.

It came towards them and zoomed in through the windscreen, flashing and darting around the interior for what seemed like several minutes. It was a golden coloured orb, an inch or two in diameter. It went round behind them around the back seat and Abrielle was shouting to Vikki, "Where is it? Can you see it?" Eventually it exited through the passenger window and disappeared into the night.

When they arrived at Vikki's cottage on the mountain top they were surprised to find it so late, it was now around 12.30 am. They had around an hour and a half unaccounted for. Abrielle went inside while Vikki turned all the lights on (she had recently been widowed and was afraid of the dark). When Abrielle went to go home, her car was again dead. Vikki told her to stay the night but Abrielle insisted she had to get home to get her kids up for school in the morning and so she walked home over the mountain in the storm.

Abrielle gave us the month of February. After consulting weather records, we found that there were gales in the area in the period 1-4 February, so this has assisted us in dating the event. The fact that they had experienced missing time strongly suggests that we have an abduction case here.

Source: SUFON Files: Abrielle Jones interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 21 March 2017.

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