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11.50 PM.

After what had been a scorching summer's day, Brian Harry was driving a truck from Brecon to Swansea with a friend, Robert Griffiths, a primary school headteacher, who had come for the trip. At 11.50 pm they were driving along the A4067, passing a farm at Cnewr, known as Dirk's farm.

Without any warning, they saw a massive orb of light over the Cray Reservoir, which lay in the valley the other side of the farm. It gave off an eerie, yellow light which illuminated the whole area like day.

Sheep and cattle were visible in the fields around, and did not seem affected by the phenomenon. The orb was several hundred feet in diameter, and had a circumference of bright orange light, like a ring, the centre part was a deep orange-purple colour. Brian drove on about half a mile while looking for a safe place to stop. Parking in a lay-by, both men got out of the truck to have a better look. By this time, five smaller orbs had emerged from the large one and spread to hang over the whole reservoir, each one still joined to the large one by a filament of 'energy'. Brian had a feeling that they were drawing some sort of energy from the reservoir, and could feel a mild warmth from them. There was no sound from the static objects. The witnesses did not see the smaller orbs emerging, as their view was partly obscured by pine trees while looking for a parking place. Brian had a definite feeling that there was an intelligence controlling the object/s and that the entire event was 'orchestrated'. Furthermore, he had a feeling that it had been cautious and was 'sussing things out' before projecting the smaller orbs. The whole area for miles around was illuminated. No cars passed them for the whole 8 minutes, which was timed from when they first spotted the light. Without warning, all six objects blinked out as if someone had simply switched them off, and as they disappeared a flash of light spread across the ground for miles, starting at the central point, the location of the objects, the same colour as lightning, a silvery white. There had been no effect on the truck's engine for the duration of the sighting. Shortly after the event, a car appeared on the road from the Swansea direction. Both men were gob-smacked and could not explain the encounter in rational terms. Brian drew a sketch of the UFOs, shown here. Source: Presentation by Brian Harry at SUFON meeting, 28 July 2015 and interview by Emlyn Williams 31 July 2015.

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