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Allison Richards from Kidderminster, Worcestershire was on holiday with her husband Stan and her daughter, aged 12, in Broad Haven, Pembrokeshire.

One day she decided to go for a walk with her daughter along the coast path leading to Stack Rocks. She said that after the two of them had been walking for what seemed like hours, they noticed that the coastal path was much eroded and in quite a dangerous condition.

They looked down onto the beach and saw a number of strange black boulders strewn over the beach as if the tide had washed them up. They thought that maybe the objects were black tree stumps.

They carried on with their walk and noticed several small caves in the cliff face. Then they saw what looked like a huge black mushroom, without a stalk, floating on the surface of the sea, just off the beach.

Allison thought, "What on earth is that?" and her daughter shouted out in alarm. Looking up, she saw "....something resembling a huge plate, dull metal in colour, with a 'lump' projecting from the middle."

She grabbed her daughter and started to climb over some barbed wire fencing into a field. In the field some horses were huddled together in one corner. Allison felt that she wanted to ride one away due to her fear - "I felt so frightened and unable to comprehend what it was that we had just seen."

They ran for what seemed a long time and then collapsed on the ground with exhaustion. Stan then found them and while she was telling him about what had just happened, she noticed a man on the other side of the beach, who was wearing blue jeans and a denim top. He had dark hair, and "looked a bit like a hippy." We decided to catch up with him and ask if he had seen the UFO."

But no matter how fast they ran towards him, he still kept the same distance away from them. They gave up and headed back to their car. Then Stan noticed that the man was now in front of them. The 'hippy' walked towards them. Allison noticed that "he had the most amazing veined eyes." He said nothing, just shook his head and smiled. Now feeling strangely threatened they jumped into their car and drove away as fast as they could.

Allison suffered from intense pains in her head for a number of years afterwards, and discovered five small indentations on her left leg, below the knee cap, which had not been there before. Her daughter is still traumatised by what she saw, despite the experience taking place over twenty-five years ago [2008].

A couple of years after the incident, Allison was visited by an MOD official, who interviewed her about what had happened. He showed her some maps and seemed very interested in what she had to say.

The family returned to the area a few years later and were surprised to discover that there was no sign of the small caves or the black boulders. The walk along the cliff path to Stack Rocks took a fraction of the time that it had previously. It took them thirty minutes, not hours.

She contacted UFO investigator Randall Jones-Pugh who met her at the site, and told her that the horses and the field were part of Ripperston Farm.

Allison sadly passed away in 2008.

Source: 'Haunted Skies' Volume 7 - John Hanson.

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