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9.30 PM.

Mr E. Jackson of Colwyn Bay, and his fiancee, both noticed in the sky to the north an oval white light. It was at an elevation of about 35 degrees above the north-western horizon and it appeared to be obscured by haze as it had the appearance of a bright bulb seen through frosted glass. The apparent diameter was that of the full moon. The object remained stationary for about ten minutes and then the witnesses discontinued their observations to make a phone call.

Ten minutes later the light was still visible but it had traversed about 10 degrees and was lower in the sky, and about 25 degrees above the horizon. Its shape had altered a little and it appeared to be slightly flattened. The witnesses watched for a further few minutes but were unable to watch longer.

Source: BUFORA Journal Vol. 3 No. 5 - Winter 1971 - Mr. E. Jackson.

Location on map is approximate.

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