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11.15 PM.

Huw went outside his home for a smoke and noticed what he thought was a meteor which he thought looked strange as it had no tail and was moving rather slowly.

After a few seconds it disappeared so Huw assumed it must have been a meteor. He continued smoking his cigarette and turned around slightly as he viewed the night sky. He then noticed an extremely bright light in the corner of his eye, in an area of the sky where he had seen the 'meteor'. He turned to look at the bright light, which was stationary at first but then started to move.

Then, another two extremely bright lights, like dots, appeared. Again these were stationary at first but then started moving roughly in the same direction as the first light.

Huw observed these for around 20 seconds as they continued moving slowly and their brightness pulsed. He then noticed two more very bright dots of light on the other side of the sky, which then began to move in the opposite direction to the others. A final light appeared in the middle of these and was stationary throughout. After a further 20 seconds they all eventually dimmed out and disappeared.

Source: reported by witness: 10 August 2013.

Location on map is approximate as all we know is it happened in Anglesey.

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