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About 10.15 AM. Steven McCrossan was driving west on the M4 about two miles from the Llanelli turn off (Junction 48). On his right hand side he saw what he first thought was a light aircraft at 30 degrees above the horizon approaching from the west. He originally spotted it about 12 miles away because of the reflection.

As the object got closer he could see that it was a shiny dome-shaped craft with lights, not a fixed-wing aircraft. About four miles away it started to turn but whereas a conventional aircraft would have its underside showing to make a 90-degree turn to the right, the craft showed its top side, which was very shiny chrome-coloured and clearly dome-shaped.

It had no edges. Steven said it looked approximately 30-40 feet in diameter. Its relative speed looked no quicker than a normal aircraft, "but it moved with grace." As it made its turn it passed behind Steven and he eventually lost sight of it. Steven said, "I'm absolutely ecstatic that this is for real unless some other explanation is forthcoming.... I should add that I'm a trained Helideck landing officer, so I do know what I'm looking at. I spent twenty years offshore landing choppers.

The object was very distinct and the sky clear. I have no question whatsoever that this was not a conventional aircraft and it was too big to be a drone."

Steven kindly provided us with a drawing to better explain what the object looked like.

Source: SUFON Files: witness emails October 2017

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