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10.15 - 10.20 PM.


"Tonight when I was walking back from the shop on Golden Gates, I saw 12 bright red/orange oblong lights (shaped like boomerangs) travelling in the sky from above Towyn towards the windmills in the sea around Rhyl. These big red/orange long objects were travelling in straight lines towards a bright white light above the ocean. The lights were travelling in perfect straight lines at high speed. When they reached the white light they just disappeared into the light. I was not the only one to see these lights, children also outside the shop saw these lights.

I ran back to our van and alerted the people I was with and they witnessed them. Also other people in various caravans were watching these objects. As I said they were shaped like boomerangs or planes without wings." [Doesn't he mean 'without fuselages' if they're boomerang-shaped? - EW].

Source: reported by witness 6 August 2010.

Location on map is approximate.

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