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4 JUNE 2021 - TENBY


Sighting,UFO,Cigar shape

10.06 AM. Bright sunny day with few clouds.

A witness observed a fast-moving object at high altitude above the clouds. Its movement, trajectory and speed reminded the witness of the International Space Station as viewed at night, but this being in the day, its shape was discernible as a bullet or missile.

There were no appendages or wings noticeable. There was no sound or contrail. The object reflected the sun but appeared to be white. The witness attempted to video the object by phone, but its speed was too great to catch. After observing for about 40 seconds, the witness went indoors to get binoculars, but on returning the object was no longer visible, despite a search in the area where it should have been if it had continued on its same course and speed.


Location on map is approximate.

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