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9.15 PM. Clear sky, no wind.

Suzanne was outside her house in North Close on the north-west edge of Saundersfoot, playing with her dog when she saw what she described as a huge bright reddish-orange light moving from the north-east, going in a westerly direction. The light was at an elevation of about 45 degrees It was not blinking and seemed to move fast at first.

"It was travelling about the speed one would expect of a helicopter at that height it seemed to be, which is why I thought it was a helicopter's headlight except why was it orange? Of course, I don't really know how high up it was, but the size was like a centimetre across if your fingers were held at arm's length. It was travelling in a horizontal path."

Then as the light came level with her garden it slowed down to almost a halt above the house roof behind her small garden. Then it diminished in size to a pin-prick, a red dot and faded away. There was no sound.

She wanted to stay watching it rather than running inside to get her phone. She's sure it was not a flare. There were no other lights visible and no flashing lights. Just one huge single bright light.

Source: SUFON Files: Facebook message 31 August 2020.

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