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28 APRIL 2012 - RHYL



11 PM.

Tom was at home in Rhyl and received a text on his phone from his girlfriend, saying that there was something going on in the sky. He looked out of his window at the front of the house to see a police helicopter going round in circles.

Tom went into his sister's room to look out of the rear window and saw a slow moving object at a low altitude but had more lights than normal aircraft. He then went back to his window at the front and saw the helicopter to his right, but then the object came over from the left. There was no sound from the object. It headed towards the east in the direction of Gwaenysgor (south of Prestatyn) and over the mountain there.

He called his 15-year-old sister, who also saw it go over the mountain, and saw the helicopter to the right of it, going in circles. Tom further described the object as an oval in shape with many white lights on it. There was also a red light but no green, which wasn't flashing as a plane's navigation lights would.

Source: reported by witness: 29 April 2012.

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