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4.32 PM.

Serena Bradbury was walking along the B4245 Caldicot By-pass in Caldicot to a friend's house and had just crossed the road near traffic lights at the junction with Woodstock Way. Looking up, she saw a very low bright flying object which was triangular. The witness's first thought was that it was a meteorite, then thought it was a Chinese lantern.

It hovered over her for 3-5 seconds, and she thought about stopping traffic but took out her phone to take a picture, by which time the object was speeding away from her, across the road and just above the trees.

'....didn't have time to zoom my camera on my rubbish iphone4 so just took 2 pictures first, then recorded the object, by that time was shaking as you will see. My phone ran out of storage, so watched the object fly out of view. Since the sighting I believe it was a military triangle drone, or the black triangle.'

Source: citing MUFON report.

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