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We were travelling over Bedwellty Mountain when suddenly the car lit up, the light was very bright, my husband nor myself could make out what it was but we knew we`ve never seen anything like it before.

From what we could see the object was of a round shape but we could only see the underneath of it, the lights were of an oblong shape going on and off all the time. It seemed to be following us as we couldn`t get away from it, then as soon as it come it vanished.

We drove down to Aberargoed and to our surprise we saw it again, only higher up. I told my husband to stop and ask a man who was walking the street to see if he if he could see what we were seeing. At first he couldn`t, as we walked over the road and another street he seen it in the sky, only this time there was two lights going on and off. He told us he`d never seen anything like it in his life, what was strange about it there was no sound at all.

The first time we`d seen the ufo it was only it was only 15 to 20ft above our car, no one could ever tell me it was a plane, we reported it to the police and gave a statement

Notes taken by Gary Rowe

Tape would not work when trying to record talking in his sleep coversations, not prepared to talk about it in v heavy sleep.

ITT cassette electric mains lead malfunction occurred at the time, worked before and never worked after

Children - Baby 18 months, fixed to light, oldest girl panicky, Mark cried whole time, unusally terrified.

Mr Davies, terrible headache and stomach pains, lasted all night , v restless, strange next afternoon, v pale

Mrs Davies eyes watering when recounting to a friend next afternoon

Mr Davies previous sighting 7 years ago, farm Newbridge , early evening, dusk, pinhead light getting bigger, wind engine sound disappeared before it past us

Source: South Wales Argos and Gary Rowe.

Location on map is approximate.

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