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Sighting,UFO,Saucer,Cigar shape


Adjacent to Ripperston Farm, on the Dale Peninsula in Pembrokeshire, is Lower Broadmoor Farm, where Richard Hewison and his wife, Josephine live. They manage both the farms. Since their children were at home this Saturday morning, Josephine was having a lie in but was awake.

At about 7.50 AM. she sat up and glanced through the bedroom window, the curtains of which were drawn back. A hundred yards away across the field outside is a large greenhouse in front of which are stacks of potato-chitting trays.

She then realized that she couldn't see the trays or most of the greenhouse because there was something parked on the grass in front of it. She stared fixedly at the object for about two minutes before realizing it was not an item of farm machinery, but something very strange.

"It was in three tiers. It seemed to be round but when you see a thing in cross-section I suppose you can never be sure. There was a definite dome to start with and then a central portion. But there seemed to be a rounded ridge, if you know what I mean, between the layers....rather like a jelly.

When I described it to the children I said it looked rather like a squashed jelly-mould which really it did. It was a smooth, aluminium-coloured, bulbous shape. It was pretty well as high as the greenhouse - fifteen feet maybe - and about double the greenhouse in width - which would have made it thirty-five to forty feet wide.

It was obscuring the whole of the greenhouse door, and the greenhouse is about eighteen feet wide and it was probably about twice that width. There was no sign of any activity or I might have been frightened. I certainly wasn't at all frightened - I was just fascinated by it really. I wanted to see something happen, then I'd have gone out and had a closer look at it given the opportunity."

Mrs Hewison then got up and went to wake her sons and returned in less than a minute. She then realised that there was nothing there anymore.

It had vanished and she was able to see the rows of trays. Later it was impossible to find imprints of where the object had been standing on the grass as tractors had been driven over the site, obscuring any that might have been there.

A pony that usually stood near a gateway in a field next to the greenhouse was nowhere to be seen. It was eventually found about 400 yards away at the far end of the field.

Source: The Dyfed Enigma Pugh & Holiday 1979.

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