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11 PM. Warm, almost clear with lightning to the west.

The witness, a man, was looking out of his window and spotted an object displaying lights towards the east, hovering above a treeline in the vicinity of Pontcanna, about a quarter of a mile away. The object was about 200 feet in the air and moving slowly at about 10-20 mph from south to north - Pontcanna to Llandaff (River Taff area).

He could not make out a shape to the object. He said that it had flashing lights, but not like a helicopter, and was silent. He looked at it through binoculars and from his loft he saw that it had a yellow-orange light at the front and another at the back, and between the two, there were about six yellow lights which lit up and went off repeatedly in sequence "like at a funfair" from left to right and then right to left. He watched as it moved slowly from north to south for about five minutes, then it turned and moved east, away from him for five minutes before he lost sight of it.

About 20 minutes after he had lost sight of the object, a helicopter appeared from the direction of St. Athan (south-west) and headed in the direction of the object when last seen by the witness.

Source: SUFON Files: witness report June 2020.

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