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7.30 PM- 8.30 PM.

Mike and Arlene had just dropped their daughter off in the Thornhill area of Cwmbran and were heading back home to Coed Eva in their car when they noticed lights on top of 'the mountain'. This would be Twmbarlwm mountain which borders the western side of Cwmbran and exists as a long ridge lying south to north.

At first they assumed the lights were that of a house but when they got to Coed Eva [south of Thornhill] they could see that the lights were rounded as if circular in shape. Now at home, they went upstairs to view the lights and looked through binoculars but couldn't really focus properly. They saw another light which was orange and red moving towards where the lights on the mountain were. They are unsure if the orange/red light actually linked with the lights.

As they looked they saw another light come from the middle of the ring/row of lights on the mountain. This light then disappeared back into the ring/row of lights. After 8.30 pm they could no longer see the lights and didn't know if it was an object which took off or if the lights went individually.

In the morning they viewed the mountain again and could see no house or structure in the area where the lights had been, which could account for it.

Source: reported 28 December 2010.

Location on map is approximate.

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