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About 3.30 PM.

Kris Prevel was with her husband Phil, sitting outside the Coffee Tavern in Cambrian Place, Saundersfoot having a cup of tea when she saw a small object, about three to four feet long flying in a straight line over Saundesfoot, passing just to the north of her location. It was heading from the north-west to south-east towards the sea.

The object wasn't very high, some seagulls were higher than it and some lower. It was shaped like a dumbell and was travelling lengthways. Its colour was silver in the centre with dull dark or black ends. The sun glinted off the silver portion.

There was no noise and it travelled fast, and was visible for only a few seconds. Phil did not see it however because by the time Kris drew his attention to it the object, it had moved out of sight behind the cafe building.

Kris said: 'Definitely not a bird, definitely mechanical. If you saw the speed and straight line it took. It struck me that if it failed and fell out of the sky it would make a huge hole in someone's roof or kill a person, surely the military wouldn't send something like that over such a crowded area? It's hard for me to judge distance, height etc.

You couldn't put a person in it, far too small but saw it well with the naked eye, it wasn't flying that high, which also surprised me, as I say, seagulls were flying much higher and some lower.

If it was on the ground the same size I could probably have managed to hold it with two arms outstretched, but it was higher so probably bigger than I think. There were airlines in the sky, but considering how packed Saundersfoot was on Saturday, I felt that whatever it was too low for comfort, it was going at a controlled speed and course over the village and out towards the sea'.

Source: SUFON Files: Kris Prevel post on Facebook SUFON group page 25 March 2017.

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