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8.25 PM.

25 minutes after an apparent airship was seen over Fishguard, it seems to have got up as far as Aberystwyth:


More Reports About The Light In The Sky - Contradictions

Is it an airship? If so the mystery of the elusive aircraft grows more mysterious. It has been seen again flying by night as usual and this time on the coast of Mid Wales. It was seen by country people a few miles south of Aberystwyth at 8.25 on Saturday night. At first it headed out over Cardigan Bay but its searchlights which swept the hills evidently revealed the nearness of the ocean for it turned south and left in the direction of Carmarthenshire.

This is at least the fifth time this month that the mystery airship has been seen flying by night and yet no one has seen it rise or decend [sic] and no one knows whence it comes or wither [sic] it goes. On Tuesday it was reported that five persons declared that they had seen it going over Liverpool between 7 pm and 8.30 pm on Saturday night, yet at 8.30 pm it was seen near Aberystwyth!

At Liverpool as in Wales it carried a light or lights. We have already recorded the statements of persons at Cardiff, Merthyr and Swansea and other places who claims to have seen "the strange light" in the sky.

Source: BUFORA BULLETIN No.18 July 1985 citing CAMBRIA DAILY LEADER Thursday 30 January 1913.

Location on map is approximate.

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