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About 11 PM.

Giles Brown was at home in Wildfield, Broadlands, Bridgend and saw an object through his bedroom window to the south. It was at about 40 degrees elevation and was moving erratically from the west to east. He said it was in the southern part of the sky, rather than overhead, and guessed it would have been going from Porthcawl to Cowbridge areas.

By coincidence the International Space Station passed over traveling west to east at 11.05 pm, but at a much higher elevation, and Giles is positive that this object was not the ISS, which he had seen many times before.

'This wasn't the ISS I've seen that before and it moves quite fast , this definitely stopped and started and while moving was fairly slow.

Definitely triangular as well as it had lights around the edge and sort of formed a A in the sky. I live very close to the flight path of Cardiff airport so I'm used to seeing aircraft takeoff and land at night and this was nothing like that.

The other strange thing was I observed this for around 4 -5 minutes from my bedroom window, as it moved out of sight I moved into the living room to continue to view the object in the direction of travel (a matter of seconds) and the object was gone, not in the distance as you'd expect but gone completely. Very strange.'

He described the object as triangular with 6 maybe 7 white lights underneath and moving in a stop start motion or appeared to be. It was hard to judge the distance away but he assumed it was Jumbo Jet sized and probably 5 miles away.

Source: SUFON Files: witness contact via facebook.

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