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In July 1975, Trevor P., then aged fourteen, was accompanying his parents in the viewing of a cottage in the Machynlleth area of Mid-Wales. Trevor decided to go for a ramble up the 250-foot Wylfa Hill nearby while his parents were busying themselves.

On reaching the top of the small hill the boy saw a strange object resting on the ground a short distance away from him. He darted behind some boulders to observe it. It had a brilliantly illuminated hemispherical dome, which was transparent; this was resting on a silver coloured base which had large lights about its circumference.

The whole thing was about forty feet across. Inside the dome Trevor could see a 'big metal' unit or irregular shape. Also inside the dome were two moving forms - large, odd-shaped pieces of jelly-like substance. These were a whitish translucent colour containing many white discs and were about seven feet tall. They were constantly changing shape. Trevor took all this in in less than a minute.

He then saw an opening appear in the base and one of the jellies 'floated' towards this and emerged from the UFO. Trevor ran off down the hill, babbled excitedly to his father and then ran back to the scene of the extraordinary events. By now the UFO was 'closed' again with both jelly entities inside and a constant noise was coming from it. The UFO's lights began to flash at an increasing rate until the colours seemed to 'blend' with the colours of the surrounding landscape and the whole object became invisible.

Trevor ran back to his father shouting 'You won't believe me - come on!' and urging him up the hill. On the top the father was unable to see anything unusual but he did hear a strange noise. Trevor subsequently suffered unfortunate after-effects: the following day his speech became impaired; three weeks later his left eye became blind, then this changed to his right eye and became almost total before easing.

He also underwent a personality change and up to 1978 at least was still undergoing psychiatric treatment.

Source: 'Earthlights' Paul Devereux 1982 pages 52-53; 'Alien Contact - The First Fifty Years' Jenny Randles 1997 pages 81-82

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