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Ripperston Farm, Dale Peninsula. In the evening Pauline and Billie Coombes were sitting up watching a late TV programme. There had been a power cut between 6.20 PM and 6.40 PM and most of the night there had been television interference.

The television set is in a corner of the room and only a couple of feet from one of the tall farmhouse windows which invariably has undrawn curtains as is the custom in this remote part of the country.

At about 11.30 PM Pauline's eye was drawn to the window which seemed to have lit up with a silvery glow. This glow faded but after a time it came back. The dairyman's wife tried to ignore this curious effect while she watched the show.

She thought: "I'll put it down to my imagination and say nothing to Billie. He'll think I'm suffering from nerves after all that's gone on here these last few weeks."

The show continued until, at 1.50 AM, Billie Coombes himself glanced at the window and jumped up, exclaiming: "What the hell's that? There's somebody out there in a silver suit!" His wife said: "So you've seen it too."

Billie Coombes rushed to the window and saw a man - but a terrible size. It was pressed right up against the window. It was about seven feet tall, nearly the full ehight of the window.

It had no eyes, nose or mouth. Pauline said later that its face had a black visor around it. Billie Coombes came back to his chair and his wife made a dash for the telephone. While she phoned the figure just remained where it was 'looking' in through the window.

First of all Pauline Coombes phoned the farm manager at Broadmoor and then she phoned Randall Jones Pugh, UFO Investigator.

Pugh advised her to ring the police - and this she did. In the meantime Billie had decided to go outside but took his time putting on his boots. He then called to the cattle dog, Blackie, an active retriever-cross, to come out into the night with him.

The dog, however, was running restlessly all over the house, going in circles and to and fro. In retrospect Billie remembered that it had been doing this for the previous couple of hours. Blackie flatly refused to leave the house.

Before the police arrived, Billie went outside. He turned on all the lights and shouted for Blackie to come with him. Usually keen to go out, the dog had to be forced to leave the house, followed by his owner. The dog didn't bark once.

He ran around all over the place but without barking. But when the police arrived later he started barking and when the farm manager Richard Hewison arrived he started barking again, even though the dog knew him.

The thing at the window was not visible outside the house, either to Billie Coombes, the police or the farm manager. On investigation the police found nothing except to note that the couple seemed frightened.

Pauline said later when interviewed that when Richard Hewison's car or the police car approached the figure did not walk away but simply disappeared.

Source: The Dyfed Enigma Pugh & Holiday 1979.

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