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21-22 MARCH 2019 - LLANHARAN



A woman (wishes to remain anon), reported that her 13-year-old son came into her room in the night, saying that he'd just seen a flying saucer and was quite upset about it. She didn't say anything to anyone as she was half asleep and forgot about it. In the morning, her husband came home from work and said that a few people had reported seeing strange lights in the sky over the open cast in Llanharan.

Their son had not told his dad of his experience, as his parents sleep apart due to the father's snoring, and so would not have heard his son's conversation the night before.

On further questioning, her son told her that what he had seen were lights in the sky.

Source: SUFON Files: witness correspondence via Facebook, March-May 2019.

Location on map is approximate.

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