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1969/1970 - ST THOMAS




A young girl, around 14-years-old was returning home after a girl guides meeting during a dark evening in the winter of 1969 or 1970. She was walking alone up Wallace Road, a cul-de-sac in the St. Thomas area of Swansea, a route she knew extremely well as it was very near her house.

At the top end of the street there were the gates of St. Margaret's Nursery and she would walk through the gate on her way home. As she approached the gateway, she noticed a figure peering around one of the brick pillars at the end of a low wall.

All she could make out was its head, its right shoulder and the upper portion of its right arm. Its head was bulbous and shaped like an inverted egg, with a pointy chin and huge, vertically-oriented almond-shaped eyes which were white with a black dot in the centre. It had no hair, no ears and she was aware of no mouth or nose.

Its body, by what she could see of it was puny, like that of a child, with a narrow, spindly arm. Its hand was not visible as it was behind the pillar. There was no neck visible as it seemed to be hunching. It did not seem to have any clothing and its skin was grey and had a metallic look to it, which seemed to shimmer slightly. It did not move or make a sound but just stared straight at the terrified girl. She said it felt like an eternity, but was really only just seconds.

She was so alarmed by what she saw, she ran back down the road and across the junction with the next street to some neighbours who she knew, and after they had calmed down the hysterical girl, they went with her back up Wallace Road to the gateway, but no trace of the visitor was evident.

Now remember that was well before the image of the grey alien was widespread in popular culture, and furthermore, the girl had had a strict catholic upbringing and had no knowledge or even awareness of aliens or UFOs at the time.

At the time of the encounter she thought that what she was seeing was a devil or demon. It was only years later after being exposed to the UFO culture and emerging public familiarisation with the 'grey' type extra-terrestrial that she noticed the similarity, with one exception - the unusual configuration of the eyes, which were not black, but white with black irises.

Approximately two weeks after her experience, a catholic priest in her school asked the class if anyone had experienced something strange in their life [coincidence? - or had he received reports from other witnesses in the area?]. She wrote down an account of her experience, which she still has some where.

When found, the writing might shed some light on the exact date of the event. She had never told anyone of her sighting, except close family and friends, but came forward to share her experience with the Swansea UFO Network.

For the time being she wishes to remain anonymous, and we respect her wishes. This was a frightening experience for a young teenage girl which she has kept with her all her life.

The location where it happened is at the edge of the built-up area of St. Thomas, on the southern slopes of Kilvey Hill - which has featured many times in UFO reports. I have on record one other humanoid report which I am looking at, from the northern side of the hill which I hope to report on soon.

Here we have an impression of the St. Thomas humanoid, drawn from the description given by the witness.


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