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1949 - DENBIGH



Exact date not known - ignore 01/01 in date panel.

Witness: Haydn:

"In 1949 I was a pupil of Fron Goch Infants School and whilst I was going back to school after playtime I looked back and saw a flying saucer fly down the length of the brook that runs behind the school near where the new police station is now.

In those days helicopters were virtually unknown and it was too small (about 6 ft diameter) to be an aircraft and too big to be a bird.

The teachers also saw it and stood there for quite some time."

[In 1949 Fron Goch school was Grove Road, now housing Denbigh Museum. There is indeed a stream behind the buildings - E.W.]

Source: posted by witness 2005 [Haydn then living in Newport].

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