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Witness thinks date is correct.

Between 2 and 3 AM.

Sarah (21) was with four friends (two female, two male) and had been out to a night club in Penally and decided to walk back to Tenby as there were no taxis available. They went via Kiln Park (holiday park), through the sand dunes and arrived at South Beach. As it was a warm summer night her friends decided to go for a quick dip in the sea. Sarah decided she didn't want to walk the rest of the way wet and cold, but would just sit in the dunes and wait for her friends. But something else was bothering her:

"So I was sensible - it just didn't feel safe. I sat in the dunes at the top of the beach with some of the clothes my friends had shed while they went into the water. I could just about see them from where I was (maybe 25 ft away) and could hear that they were in the water. It must have only been a minute or so later that I became uneasy - I felt like I was being watched and began to wish that I had gone in the sea with them! Just then what I thought was the moon coming from behind a cloud lit the area."

She looked up, expecting to see the moon but was taken aback to see light like moonlight was coming from an object above them. She couldn't see a shape to the object and described it as being like a bright star, at a high altitude. It wasn't intensely bright, but like looking at a large bright star. There was no noise and the object shone a wide beam of light like a torch down onto the beach. It illuminated an area of beach and sea encircling about 30 metres, Sarah being on the landward side of it. Where her friends were in the water was about in the centre of the circle. Except they weren't.

"I suddenly realised at this point that I couldn't see or hear them in the sea - I was alone on the beach! I could still hear the waves and could also feel that I was alone! A panic came over me - I began to sit up to try to see them and blinked my eyes to strain to see them in the sea. I felt if I moved any more I would be in danger. Just then in one second the light was swallowed up into the object above and I could hear and see my friends again in the sea. I remember feeling relief."

The object then moved from above them in sharp fast zig-zagging movements towards the east over Carmarthen Bay. As it moved it stopped for milliseconds at each point of the zig zag, before it suddenly shot straight up into the sky at high speed.

"My friends took a few more minutes in the sea before I could hear them coming back up the beach - I was saying to them, 'did you see that light? What was it?' as they approached and, 'didn't you see the light when you were in the sea?' - they all seemed really unaware and unconcerned. I was getting ratty with them as they were so blaze about what I was saying to them - they didn't even want to listen. It was all very odd! We all continued to walk to Tenby with me keep asking them 'what did you do in the sea? Where were you? I couldn't see you!' But still it was all shrugged off. We got to Tenby and after waiting at one of the friend's house while a taxi arrived for us girls they all continued in a very odd manner - not really there."

The next day all seemed well and Sarah continued to ask the two girls about what had happened and what had they seen. They just said they remembered me asking about what had happened but that they just went in the sea. To this day, if Sarah asks the two girls about that night they are very blaze and say, 'Oh yeah - that's the night we all got abducted!'

Thinking back on her experience, Sarah said:

"I felt that they had tried to include me in this area [illuminated area on the beach] but that I was on the limit of what they could cover with the friends near the middle. The circumference of the light stopped on me if that makes sense. I do remember it well. There were glow worms in the dunes of the beach that night that I have never seen before or after - I remember my friends bought drink cans from a vending machine at Kiln Park. I remember how wet the friends clothes were and how sandy they were and what a long time it took to walk along the beach to Tenby. I remember feeling puzzled and calm about what I had seen and witnessed but not frightened. My concern was for my friends in the sea and how I would get help if I couldn't find them."

Source: SUFON Files: witness emails September 2020.

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