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Ronald Rhys, who lived in the Vale of Neath, went missing for a week.

On his return he had no idea that he been gone as long as that until local people told him.

It was then that he recalled the following:

He had been returning home after finishing work one night, when he encountered an eerie light ‘that made a whooshing sound’ in a field nearby. He went to investigate the light and on getting closer, found that he was floating.

The next thing that he could recall later was of being physically examined by small beings who took blood samples from him.

The encounter had caused a physical effect on him, in that it left scars and his skin had turned bright pink and his hair was falling out.

Could this have been caused by exposure to radioactivity?

Source: UFO Wales David I. Richards 2012 page 34.

(David used Charles Fort as a source for this account).

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