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9.30 PM.

A police helicopter crew filmed an object over the Bristol Channel as they were coming in to land at St. Athan. It was giving off heat and could only be seen by infrared camera.

A dark, circular shape is seen hovering in the sky as police monitors can be heard observing what they are seeing - although they have admitted they have no idea what it was.

The National Police Air Service at St. Athan in South Wales tweeted footage of the UFO explaining it was not spotted by local air traffic control.

It was filmed over Bristol on Saturday, September 17, and shared online by NPAS St. Athan, the National Police Air Service which is based in South Wales.

The clip, which they have revealed is part of a much longer video, was filmed 'over the Bristol Channel at approx 1,000 feet', they explained.

The filming was set to 'black hot', which means there is heat coming off the craft.

'We really don't know but doubt it was a lantern as it was going into the wind,' they said on Twitter.


NPAS St. Athan added the object was very hot and moving against the wind, tweeting: 'Any suggestion [sic] ?? Nothing seen by local ATC....?'

They said it was unlikely to be a lantern, adding: 'We really don't know [what it is] but doubt it was a lantern as it was going into the wind.'

Replying to another user they posted: 'Only slight problem is the amount of heat and it was travelling into the wind?'

They also explained: 'It was on Saturday night (September 24) about 21:30 and was spotted over the Bristol Channel at approx 1000 ft. [SUFON Note: This date is wrong, as they were tweeting about it on 23 September - EW].

'Our clock is out by one hour so it was pitch black. Tried on day camera, nothing seen. This clip is just a small part of the vid. Really difficult to judge the size but we filmed it for just over 7 minutes as we were coming back into land.'


Location on map is approximate.

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