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ABERSYCHAN - 17 March 2018

Around 8.30 PM.

Mark Coffey was leaving his house, situated on the hill above and west of Snatchwood Road, the main road in Abersychan. He looked towards the SSE direction, down the valley towards the Severn Estuary. From behind some hills a couple of miles away he noticed, "a bright red light appear which began to rise slowly in the 10 o'clock direction.

The light was not flashing as would aircraft lights, and it struck me as looking unusual. It continued to rise and began changing direction, heading towards 12 o'clock. My daughter was waiting for me in the car, and was motioning for me to hurry up. I got in and told her I had been looking at an unusual light.

I reversed off the drive and was going to pull away but could see the light through the front windscreen so pointed it out to my daughter.

As we watched, the red light slowly moved through the 3 o'clock direction up through 12 o'clock and then back through 9 o'clock, i.e. making a large reverse S. Suddenly, what appeared to be a white object dropped from the bottom of the red light (this object was luminous but fainter than the red light, and left a faint trail behind it).

The red light immediately started to follow it, slowly at first, then shooting straight down and both objects disappeared. I had to ask my daughter if she just witnessed the same thing I had, and she confirmed that she had. We were both awe struck." Mark discounted aircraft or helicopters as possible explanations. He also thought it unlikely to be drone due to its size at that distance. Source: SUFON Files: witness email 18

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