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Approximately 6.50 AM. Cold and clear, dark.

Simon was driving to work in Bedwas near Caerphilly. On turning into Greenway, the long road that leads to his workplace in Bedwas House Industrial Estate, he noticed something in the sky. It was described as a bright white light, flickering in the distance to the north ahead of him.

'This seemed odd to me as it seemed lower than the hills behind that were about a mile to a mile and a half away. I thought that it couldn't be a plane as it was too low so maybe it was a helicopter. I kept an eye on the light as I drove towards it until I had to park in the car park opposite where I worked. I got out of the car and took two photographs with my mobile phone.

I thought that I could take a look later when I got home and put them on my computer. As I was standing taking the photos a work colleague came around the corner and said to me, "Yeah, what is that? I've been watching that for the last ten minutes. It seems to be just wandering about in the sky." We stood there watching it as it headed towards and above us. It wasn't moving in a straight direction like a plane would but was wandering almost in a drunk fashion.'

The object moved very slowly and the two witnesses watched as it ascended slowly until it went out of view. There was no sound and left no trail. The witnesses were sure it was not a helicopter or anything known to either of them.

'Later on after word had got around, some of the other workers who had come from the opposite way to me (from the valleys area) had also seen it and said that it seemed to be stood still in the air. It had caught their attention also. The photos that I took appear a different colour to when I saw the object with the naked eye. What I saw was a bright brilliant white light that seemed to flicker.'

Source: SUFON Files. witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams June 2020.

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