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4:00 AM.

The witnesses, Deborah Booth and her son, who live on the main road through Briton Ferry had a sighting:

“My son called me out of bed. There was an unusual object hovering in the sky above my rear garden. I could see it was round in shape, had white lights illuminating it and red lights on the underside.

As it moved away, I could not see the lights, but the shape of the object, a semi-circle, the flat side being the underside.

It became clear a smaller object of the same shape etc was following close by. We went to the front of the house where we continued to watch the object hover back and fore, moving away from us, over the hill towards the Cimla/Tonmawr area where they appeared to stop and hover in the distance.

A third object, the same as the two previous joined them and the three hovered for a period of time. My son witnessed a beam of light shoot out of one, to the right as he looked at it when I had gone back inside in search of the camera.

On my return I could see a second object appeared to have sparks shooting from it in a halo, with the object changing colour, white, blue, green. My son said it was a different object to the one he had witnessed shooting the beam of white light.

They continued to hover there in the distance again for a time. I went back to bed totally mystified, trying to evaluate rationally what I had seen.

My son called me frantically again. Yet again above my back garden there were three objects. So clear to the naked eye I found my camera and tried to take a photo but found the batteries had drained. I frantically looked for replacements in the kitchen drawer, but all were dead [see 5 and 6 July 2010 Llanelli case. – E.W.]

The three objects above me were round with bright white lights illuminating them and as they hovered overhead I could see a red light circling the underside which gave the impression that the objects were spinning as they moved. The sun was starting to rise and the sky was lightening as the objects started to move off again in the direction of the Cimla/Tonmawr area.

They moved faster, one after another in a straight formation, which was contrary to the hovering I had witnessed previously. As they moved off at this increased pace you could clearly see an emission of what appeared to be smoke from the rear ends of each object. We watched until they were out of sight. All in all this account covered the time period between 4:00 AM and 5:10 AM.

My son, who works shifts and has a peculiar body clock at the present time, had gone out the front of the house for a cigarette when he first sighted the first strange object in the sky. Thus, it could have been there for goodness knows how long before he saw it.

The whole experience has left both of us mystified and myself very much unnerved. If a logical explanation can be given then I would very much appreciate any feed back. At the present time, I am constantly thinking about what I saw and trying to rationalise my recollections.

My son and I have both witnessed the same, albeit he may have more to add, since I did retreat back to my bed for 10 or more minutes. I am interested to know if anyone else has reported a similar sighting.


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