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Around 10 PM.

'From my flat in Treherbert, I can see the North Star and on this particular night could also see the space telescope (in the direction of Treherbert railway station). From the same point as the North Star, a bright object was moving in the sky up the valley (as if you were looking down Bute Street). It was moving steadily and very smoothly.

I am 100% sure it was not a helicopter or plane as it dipped in the sky (quite slowly) several times, still very smooth. I rushed to get my phone to video it, by this time the object moved quite quickly towards 'the basin' on the other side of the railway, hovered over the mountain, flashed brightly and then disappeared.

I am convinced it was a UFO. At this time, it was common knowledge that a space telescope was visible to the human eye and if I recall correctly, this was my reason for having a 'glance' out of the window at the time.

This object caught my eye because it was brighter than anything else in the sky at the time. Again, I'm still to this day convinced it was a UFO as it moved in different directions. There were no flashing lights on the object like you would see on a plane or helicopter. Not sure whether this is coincidence, but the moment I found my phone and went to film the object, it vanished (faded).'


[Sounds like a Chinese lantern? We need more info - EW]

Location on map is approximate.

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