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15 MAY 2013 - SWANSEA



Two dark spheres were seen which displayed a patterned surface.

"We saw 2 dark spheres one at about 700 ft the other around 1100. They were stationary for about 90 seconds and a jet ranger helicopter flew above them. Once that passed the higher of the 2 shot off straight up at incredible speed out of sight, the lower shot off out to sea 90 degrees away from the other. A few seconds later they both returned to the exact same locations, stayed for another 90 seconds or so before being surrounded by what I can only describe as a translucent bubble.

They then vanished! I'm a army veteran who specialised in recon so I like to think my observation skis are pretty good. This was not anything I've seen before or since. Whatever they were we have nothing to match their speed or how they vanished!"

Duration of sighting: 3 minutes

Source: - reported 23 February 2021

Location on map is approximate

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