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Both myself and friend were taking a drive up over the British from Talywain and noticed how strange the sky was as there was yellow lightining in the distance towards Blackwood, and what seemed to be clouds moving like waves over the mountain.

I pulled the car over and stopped. As we both sat there having a cigarette within a few minutes, we were covered in fog which came down really thick, there was a constant blue flashing light within the fog, lighting up my car. I put my window down and noticed it was relativley hot for the time of night, as i looked up i noticed there was a complete circle of clear above us and around the car. As the fog began to clear, i noticed out of the corner of my eye, a turqoise blue ball in the sky, over Talywain/Pentwyn area, i said to my mate what the hell is that! we both watched gobsmacked as this ball rose up in the air, stop and then get brighter and what look like to me as if it dispursed in every direction, there was no noise.

We were both dumbfounded as to what it was and neither of us could explain it. The next day we met up with friends and they too had seen the strange blue ball but they explained that it was hovering low over Talywain for a while moving back and forth.

I've seen some strange lights in the sky over the years, but this was odd, especially the clouds and blue flashing light, reminded me of the clouds seen on Close Encounters of the Third Kind, infact they were exactly like that but with a blue flashing light inside the clouds and no it wasnt lighting, as the lightning we saw was yellow/gold.

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