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10:45 PM. Weather conditions: Calm, slightly cloudy, cool night.

“My partner and I were fishing on the coast of Llangennith when I took a breather and sat down. I saw something in the corner of my eye glowing quite brightly.

I called out to my partner who was just as amazed as I was to see a bright orange glowing square, quite large, over our heads. Three fishermen alongside us and a lady, sitting just behind, also witnessed the same thing. It moved slowly then stopped and juddered back and forth before vanishing. I looked at the UFO Balloons and I don’t think it was one of them as it didn’t rise at all and only moved side to side slightly.

Also all around us was pitch black and quiet to suggest no dune parties in place.”


[2009 is full of reports of UFO sightings which are obviously Chinese lanterns – which at the time, weren’t well known, and many people unfamiliar with them were amazed.

Witness descriptions of what these look like and the tell-tale behaviour usually gives these away and the reports can be disregarded, however, this sighting is a good one as the witness has considered this possibility and has decided that what was seen was not a lantern – and its behaviour does seem to match this hypothesis – so what was it?. – E.W.]

1:45 – 21.55. Witness: D.

“....I saw a bright white light which I thought to be a police/search helicopter on a nearby mountain in Port Talbot.

It was moving directly upwards then stopped in a hovering position just a little higher than the mountain top for 10-20 seconds, then started moving left in a straight line then stopped in hovering position 10-20 seconds the doubled back on itself, stopped and hovered again for 10-20 seconds before moving right in a straight line then stopped and hovered again for 10-20 seconds.

It then doubled back on itself again then stopped and remained totally motionless for around 30 seconds then started to move downwards. Up to this point I still thought it was a police/search helicopter of some kind but then the bright white light changed into a bright pulsating red ball which moved in a very fast and erratic manner before disappearing into the woodland.”

Source: uploaded by witness 5 February 2011.

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